Red Urban and Subaru Attract Attention For Marc Langley

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 6.23.35 PMNo matter where it goes (or who is driving it) the Subaru BRZ is turning heads. Marc Langley cut these two spots for Red Urban and Subaru, directed by Mark Gilbert of Untitled Films.


Title:  “Paparazzi”  and  “Selfie”
Client:  Subaru
Agency:  Red  Urban
Executive  Creative  Director:  Christina  Yu
Associate  Creative  Director/Writer:  Peter  Gardiner
Associate  Creative  Director/Art  Director:  Patrick  Shing
Group  Account  Director:  Trevor  Byrne
Senior  Account  Executive:  Tim  Simpson
Producer:  Anna  Tricinci
Integrated  Producer:  Tara  Giacinti


Production  Company:  Untitled  Films
Director:  Mark  Gilbert
Executive  Producer:  Lexy  Kavluk
Producer:  Tom  Evelyn


Post  Production:  Rooster  Post
Editor:  Marc  Langley
Assistant  Editor:  Spencer  Shiffman



 Colourist:  Eric  Whipp,  Alter  Ego


Post  Production:  Fort  York  VFX
Executive  Producer:  Amanda  Lariviere
Flame  Artist:  Paul  Binney


Music  and  Sound  Design:  RMW  Music
Executive  Producer:  Jeff  Cohen
Producer:  Mark  Rajakovic






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