Paul Proulx Raises A Pint With DDB & Dairy Farmers of Canada


Paul Proulx edits this latest creative for DDB Canada and Dairy Farmers of Canada. Working with Soft Citizen directorial duo Aircastle (William Beauchamp & Jamie Cussen), Paul got a chance to put his comedic editorial skills front and center. The premise of the creative? After an exciting game of hockey, there’s nothing like sharing a tall, cold brewski mooski with the guys. Cheers to that.

Client: Dairy Farmers of Canada
Title: “Pour a Tall Cold One”

Agency: DDB Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Cosmo Campbell
Executive Creative Director: Paul Wallace
Associate Creative Director: Allan Topol
Associate Creative Director: Craig Ferguson
Agency Producer: Lorrie Zwer

Executive Producer: Eva Preger
Production Company: Soft Cititzen
Director: Aircastle (William Beauchamp & Jamie Cussen)
Director of Photography: John Houtman

Editing Facility: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Paul Proulx
Assistant Editor: Colin Murdock

Colour: Alter Ego
Colourist: Eric Whipp

Finishing: Fort York VFX
Lead Flame Artist: Ernie Mordak

Audio House: The Eggplant

Marc Langley Keeps On Truckin’ With Rethink & Coors Light

Coors Light

To love winter is to embrace it. Cold and all. In this Coors Light spot from Rethink, editor Marc Langley and Spy Films director Tamir Moscovici make sure Coors Light keeps on truckin’ no matter what the season. Beautiful shots of mountain scenery accompany the Coors Light truck taking viewers on a lively journey up a snowy mountain. At the peak of the action is a party waiting to happen. An original track by Vapor-RMW completes the fun.

Executive Creative Director: Aaron Starkman
Creative Director: Mike Dubrick & Joel Holtby
Copywriter: Mike Dubrick
Art Director: Joel Holtby
Director of Broadcast Production: Catherine Dumas

Production Company: SPY FILMS
Director: Tamir Moscovici
Cinematographer: Anthony Arendt
Executive Producer: Marni Luftspring
Line Producer: Erik Wilson

Editor: Marc Langley
Assistant Editor: C. Hilary Smith

Colour Facility: ALTER EGO
Colourist: Eric Whipp

Finishing Facility: FORT YORK
Online Artist: Ernie Mordak (30) & Mike Bishop (15)
Online Assistant: Melissa Vasiliev (30) & Luke White (15)

Audio House: Original Music VAPOR-RMW
Creative Director: Ted Rosnick
Producer: Kat Stewart
Executive Producer: Jeff Cohen

Chris Parkins Serves Up the Latest for Sid Lee & Subway

Retired CouponerChris Parkins has always demonstrated great comedic timing in his work. This time out, Chris has a little fun with Sid Lee’s latest for Subway. “Retired Couponer” features a stylish Irene Apfel lookalike who has given up the coupons in favour of the great sandwich deals at Subway.

Client: Subway
Agency: Sid Lee
Executive Creative Directors: Tom Koukodimos & Jeffrey Da Silva
Creative Director: Kelsey Horne
Copywriters: Laura Tribble & Mathieu Belley
Art Director: Pete Sherrah
Agency Producer: Cherie O’Connor

Production Company: Untitled Films
Director: Aleysa Young
DOP: Katherine Lutes
Executive Producer: Peter Davis
Producer: Michael Smith

Editing Facility: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Chris Parkins
Assistant Editor: Colin Murdoch

Colour Facility: Alter Ego
Colourist: Connor Fisher

Finishing: Fort York VFX
Online Artist: Mike Bishop

It May be Winter, But Paul Proulx is Giving Innocean and Kia a Lift

kiaWe love a good demonstration, especially when the concept is clever and entertaining. In this film, Kia takes the saying, “seeing is believing” to a whole new level with “The Kia Chairlift: Made To Conquer Winter”, edited by Paul Proulx and directed by Charles Wahl from Asymetric. To prove that Kia can handle winter snow, the folks at Innocean came up with the idea of giving skiers a lift up the mountain. But not in a chair lift … in a Kia. What starts as a ‘what’ moment, quickly turns into a ‘WOW’ moment for these skiers. Paul delivers a dynamic, finely-tuned cut that deftly showcases Charles and Samy’s beautiful shots of the scenery, skiers, and car while giving the dialogue elbow room to tell the story.

Client: Kia
Title: The Kia Chairlift: Made to Conquer Winter

Agency: Innocean
Creative Director: Gerald Schoenhoff
Copy Writer: Jonathan King
Art Director: Arron Isaac
Producer: Alina Prussky

Executive Producer: Evan Landry
Production Company: Asymetric
Director: Charles Wahl
Director of Photography: Samy Inayeh

Editing Facility: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Paul Proulx
Assistant Editor: Colin Murdock

Colour: Alter Ego
Colourist: Eric Whipp

Finishing: Fort York VFX
Lead Flame Artist: Andrew Rolfe

Audio House: Pirate

Izzy Helps DDB Canada & Dairy Farmers Of Canada Cry Over Spilled Milk


This latest creative effort for DDB Canada and Dairy Farmers of Canada takes us to a fancy dinner party where the guests are frozen in time, but their tears are very real. Editor Izzy Ehrlich and OPC director Matt Devine collaborate, slowing down the narrative time while keeping the visual narration flow steady and dynamic. The camera weaves its way down the dinner table, revealing each guest as they cry over spilled milk.

Client: Dairy Farmers of Canada
Name of commercial: The Dinner Party
Agency: DDB Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Cosmo Campbell
Creative Director: Paul Wallace
Art Director: George Lin
Copywriter: Alex Manahan
Agency Producer: Stef Fabich/ David Smith

Production Company: OPC
Director: Matt Devine
Cinematographer: Adam Marsden
Executive Producer: Harland Weiss/ Donovan Boden
Line Producer: Ian Webb

Editing Facility: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Izzy Ehrlich
Assistant Editor: Taylor McWade

Colour Facility: The Vanity
Colourist: Andrew Exworth

VFX / Finishing Facility: The Vanity
Online Artist: Naveen Srivastava

Audio House: Vapor RMW
Producer/Music Supervisor: Kailee Nowosad

Dave De Carlo Nominated for Best Editing at the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards for Giants of Africa

dave_de_carloIt’s what many editors aspire to. We’re thrilled to offer editor Dave De Carlo a big round of applause for his nomination at the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards. Dave is in great company, being nominated with some amazing editorial talent in the category of ‘Best Editing in a Feature Documentary’ for the film, “Giants of Africa”.  Congratulations Dave. We’ll have our fingers crossed for you! Read more about Giants of Africa.

Congratulations also to DOP Chris Romeike for his nomination for “Giants of Africa” in the ‘Best Cinematography in a Feature Length Documentary’ category.

Links to the full list of nominees are below.



Christina Humphries is #WINNING with FCB Toronto and OLG

Live Mega_OLG

Who’s living larger than large? You will be … when you win the Mega Cash Lottery. The commercial gives us an over-the-top peek into what it’s like to win big. You won’t just be living large … you’ll be living MEGA. We’re down with that. Editor Christina Humphries and Sequoia director Richard Farmer won the day for FCB Toronto and client Ontario Lottery & Gaming (OLG).

Client: OLG
Title: Live Mega

Agency: FCB Toronto
Chief Creative Officers: Jeff Hilts and Nancy Crimi-Lamanna
Associate Creative Director: Angela Sung
Copywriter: Lindsay Eady
Producer: Clair Galea

Production Company: Sequoia Content
Executive Producer: Suzanne Allan
Director: Richard Farmer
Director of Photography: Robert Scarborough

Editing Facility: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Christina Humphries
Assistant Editor: Brett Rostrup

Colour Facility: Nice Shoes
Colourist: Roslyn Di Sisto

Finishing: Wingman VFX
Lead Flame Artist: James Andrews

Audio House: Eggplant