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Intruders: New work for Rooster Post Production Editor Christina Humphries

Untitled Films‘ director Steve Gordon has created this beautifully shot yet disturbing spot to help raise money and awareness for organizations who work to help prevent rape and provide services to the victims of rape. Learn more at action-against-violence.com.

“Coming from South Africa myself, this is an issue very close to my heart,” says Gordon. “Although the commercial is a work of fiction, the story is all too real. In that part of the world, most people, including myself, either know women who have been raped or know friends or relatives of women who have been raped.”

Rooster Post Production’s Christina Humphries cut together a tense visual narrative that creates maximum emotional impact.

“Preserving the integrity of the idea, and the reality of rape, without it being either exploitive or too graphic was the biggest challenge,” adds Gordon. “For inspiration I looked at countless Pulitzer prize-winning photographs. It wasn’t always easy, let me tell you.”


Production Company: Untitled Films
Director: Steve Gordon
Executive Producer: Lexy Kavluk
Line Producer: Kate Dale
Director of Photography: John Houtman, Steve Gordon
Editor: Christina Humphries
Assistant Editor: Deb Gurofsky
Editorial: Rooster Post Production
Online: Fort York
Online Artist: Andrew Rolfe
Colour Facility: Redlab
Colourist: Walt Biljan

Some Great Commercials For Valentine’s Day

For Valentines, spend some time
with something you REALLY love: great ads

If you love ads, it’s not who you love it’s what you love. And we know you really love good work. Get cozy with Rethink & Molson’s “The Canadians” – a valentine from the world to the people of Canada. Lowe Roche and client Heart & Stroke present a compelling reason why the time to show yourself some love is now. Not later. It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without some fresh meat in this clever spot from Red Urban and Volkswagen. And it’s not exactly hearts and flowers between two motorists as Blammo Worldwide and Project Winter Survival reminds us to share the warmth this winter.

Molson “The Canadians”

Editor: Marc Langley

Advertiser: Molson Coors
Agency: Rethink
Creative Directors: Aaron Starkman, Dre Labre, Chris Staples
Art Director: Vince Tassone, Christian Buer, Joel Holtby
Copywriters: Aaron Starkman, Mike Dubrick, Dave Thornhill, Matt Antonello
Agency Producer: David Medlock
Account Director: Ashley Eaton

Director: Kim Geldenhuys
Production Company: Industry Films/Egg Films
Director of Photography: Paul Gilpin
Executive Producer: David Cranor/Kerry Hosford

Colourist: Eric Whipp @ Alter Ego
Post Production: Track & Field
Online Artist: Ernie Mordak & Andrew Rolfe
Music: Grayson Matthews

Heart & Stroke Foundation “The Last 10”

Editor: Mick Griffin

Advertiser: Heart and Stroke Foundation
Agency: Lowe Roche
Creative Director: Sean Ohlenkamp
Associate Creative Directors: JP Gravina, Simon Craig
Agency Producer: Sandy Cole
Account Manager: Laura Davis

Director: The Dempseys
Production Company: OPC
Director of Photography: John Houtman
Executive Producer: Harland Weiss, Donavon Boden
Producer: Kelly King

Colourist: Wade Odlum @ Alter Ego
Post Production: Track & Field
Online Artist: Ernie Mordak
Music: Vapor Music

Volkswagen “Butcher”

Editor: Paul Jutras

Advertiser: Volkswagen
Agency: Red Urban
Creative Director: Christina Yu
Art Director: Liam Johnstone
Copywriters: Sarah DiDomenico
Agency Producer: Anna Tricinci
Integrated Producer: Terri Vesgo
Account Directors: Caroline Kilgour, Sonia Ruckemann

Director: Jean-Michel Ravon
Production Company: Untitled Films
Director of Photography: John Houtman
Executive Producer: Lexy Kavluk
Producer: Tom Evelyn
Production Designer: Michael Walker

Colourist: Eric Whipp @ Alter Ego
Post Production: Track & Field
Online Artist: Ernie Mordak
Music and Sound Design: The Eggplant

Project Winter Survival “Road Rage”

Editor: Dave De Carlo

Advertiser: Project Winter Survival
Agency: Blammo Worldwide
Chief Creative Officer: Andrew Simon
Art Director: Grant Cleland
Copywriters: Michael Murray, Andrew Simon
Agency Producer: Gord Cathmoir
Account Executive: Amy de Merlis

Director: Hubert Davis
Production Company: Untitled Films
Director of Photography: Chris Mably
Executive Producer: Chilo Fletcher
Producer: Jenn Walker

Post Production: Track & Field
Online Artist: Ernie Mordak
Music: Pirate Toronto

2012 AICE Awards: Editor Paul Jutras Makes The Cut.

Cock-A-Doodle-Do! Rooster editor Paul Jutras is a finalist in the National Campaign Category for his editorial work on Red Urban’s Volkswagen – Drive Until campaign directed by Untitled Film’s Jean-Michel Ravon.

Winners will be announced at the AICE Awards Show on May 10th at the Marina del Ray’s Ritz Carlton in California.

See the 2012 AICE Finalists List

New Commercial: The Next Step For Editor Paul Jutras and Volkswagen

June is wedding month, and Rooster Post Production would like to propose a toast to Red Urban Canada’s latest campaign, “Drive Until” for Volkswagen.

The first two advertisements in the series follow a man, in his early 30s, as he takes two very important steps in his life. Beautifully directed by Untitled’s Jean-Michel Ravon, the first installment, “Courage”, shows the man driving his Golf around the block repeatedly, as he mentally prepares to propose to his girlfriend. When he makes up his mind and parks the car in front of his girlfriend’s house, the words “Drive until you find the courage.” appear on the screen. The second spot, released today, “Time”, has the same man driving around in his Golf with his three best friends the night before the wedding. As the man prepares to head into the church, the words “Drive until it’s time.” appear. Both chapters were expertly walked down the aisle by Rooster editor Paul Jutras with Track & Field’s Ernie Mordak and Andrew Rolfe as best men for the online.

Red Urban has plans to complete the trilogy with Jutras providing his editorial expertise once again. This time around, Volkswagen Canada will be asking fans what the next chapter in the “Drive Until…” series should be, via a Facebook app that goes live on June 13, 2011.

Agency: Red Urban
Creative Director: Christina Yu
Copywriter: Matt Syberg-Olsen
Agency Producer: David Isaac
Account Supervisor: Sonia Ruckemann
Account Director: Carline Kilgour
Director: Jean-Michel Ravon
Production Company: Untitled Films
DP: John Houtman
Executive Producer: Lexy Kavluk
Line Producer: Tuula Hopp
Post Production: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Paul Jutras
Assistant Editor: Yumi Suyama
Colour: Eric Whipp @ Alter Ego
Online/VFX: Track & Field VFX
Flame Artists: Ernie Mordak & Andrew Rolfe
Music/Sound House: Appollo Studios
Producer: Didier Toval
“Courage” Music Track: “Just Like Honey” by Jesus & Mary Chain
“Time” Music Track: ” Keep The Lights On” by Wave Machines.
Co-prod: Carling Doubt & Angelina Milanovic
Engineer: Brad Nelson
Assist Engineer: Harry Knazen

One Show Finalists Announced

The One Show Finalists have finally been announced.

Congratulations to Toronto agency Red Urban, Untitled Film Director Wendy Morgan and Rooster Editor Chris Parkins – Finalists in the Cinema Campaign and Single categories for Richmond Optometry.

Click Here for the full list.

The latest from Tom Feiler

‎”Carpet Store” – the latest from Director Tom Feiler edited by Rooster’s Jason Grebski.

Editor Dave De Carlo is “A Part Of It” on new OMDC spot

Toronto Agency Brandworks International tapped Rooster Post editor Dave De Carlo to “be a part of it” in helping create 2 spots, part of a major international campaign for The Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) showcasing Ontario’s thriving cultural media sector.

The campaign encourages consumers and investors to “be part of it” by buying Ontario’s award-winning cultural media products and investing in the province’s dynamic companies because “we’ve got it going ON.”

De Carlo is a talented young editor who is very much in demand on-set for his extensive visual effects knowledge and collaborative approach. He says, “From the early discussions with the agency, we wanted the spot to feel anthemic – the kind of spot that makes you want to stand up and cheer or at least turn to the person next to you and say ‘Wow, I didn’t know THAT was done here!?”

The TV spots feature images of television and Hollywood stars who have worked here, such as Julianne Moore and Paul Giamatti, and singers like Justin Bieber and Drake, sending the message that Ontario is a hip locale. Other media sources featured include publishing, video games, music, and digital media.

“The trick to cutting a good montage spot is keeping the flow – using movements and light to direct the viewers eyes.” Says De Carlo, “A decade cutting music videos has given me lots of time to play. My assistant editor, Yumi Suyama was a tremendous help finding me great pieces of footage to work with – she literally had boxes and boxes of tapes, hard drives and discs arriving daily until the day we shipped the HD master.”

The TV spot which will air during this year’s Oscars broadcast features more than 80 Ontario companies and world-renowned cultural exports, plus a soundtrack by Juno winning indie band Metric. The campaign also features print, digital and an interactive website developed by Brandworks International.

Says De Carlo, “I was thrilled to find out the music track we would be using was Metric’s ‘Gimme Sympathy’ being a fan of the band. The Metric track helped me stitch together a journey – providing motivations for cuts and a point of continuity throughout the spot.”

He is quick to mention however, that post-heavy executions rely on a talented team to pull off. Rooster Post is lucky to have Track and Field VFX, a visual effects, design and compositing company under the same roof.

“I was very fortunate to have an incredible post production team led by our two senior Flame Artists Mike Bishop and Ernie Mordak and our two incredibly talented animators Steven Hollman and Tom Morrison.” Says De Carlo, “We really tried to give every media sector some great memorable moments. Steven set the tone in the early stages with very intricate ‘Style Frames’ of what he thought the animation could do to help elevate the spot’s appeal. Having Steven down the hall was such a great asset to help the agency visualize the animated sections of the spot. Eric Whipp at Alter Ego Post did the final colour grade, creating a subtle yet extremely rich connection through all the material. He made all the footage regardless of the medium feel natural in the spot.”

The campaign drives home the message that creating entertainment the whole world enjoys brings thousands of jobs, and billions of dollars to Ontario. “Be a part of it. We’ve got it going ON.” And that’s great news for the 300,000 people currently working in the creative media sector in Ontario – one of the fastest growing industries in this province.

Agency – Brandworks International Inc.
Agency Executive Producer: Ron Chapman
Agency Producer: Kate Dale
Creative Director: Michael Clancy
Group CD: Frank Tino
Art Director: Amanda Wood
Principal, Account Director: Lorne Kirshenbaum
Account Director: Bill Macdonald
Account Supervisor: Alexandra De La Cadena
Editor & Technical Director: Dave De Carlo
Editorial Assistant: Yumi Suyama
Post Production: Rooster Post Production
Online House: Track & Field VFX
Design Director/Track & Field VFX : Steven Hollman
Animation & Graphics: Tom Morrison, Andrew Vucko
Inferno & Smoke Artists: Mike Bishop & Ernie Mordak
Colour: Eric Whipp @ Alter Ego
Music: Boombox Sound
Music Track/Voice: Metric “Gimme Sympathy” Emily Haines