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2015 Toronto Pan Am: Editor Marc Langley Gets Ready for FCB and Ontario Tourism

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 1.57.00 PMTorontonians are getting ready for an epic time this summer. In this latest installment of FCB’s “Epic is On” campaign for Ontario Tourism, the excitement starts to ramp up for the 2015 Toronto Pan Am / ParaPan Am games.  Once again, editorial duties were handled by Marc Langley and directed by Untitled Film’s Phil Brown.


Title:  Get  Ready
Client:  OTMP
Agency:  FCB
Creative  Director:  John  Flannery
VP  Creative  Group  Head:  Jeff  Hilts
Account  Manager:  Lindsey  Kerr
Senior  Art  Director:  Rob  Dean
Broadcast  Producer:  Barb  Gibson
VP,  Management  Director:  Sunil  Sekhar
VP,  Business  Director:  Sarah  Banks


Production  Company:  Untitled  Films
Director:  Phil  Brown
Executive  Producer:  Peter  Davis
Producer:  Trudy  Turner


Post  Production:  Rooster  Post
Editor:  Marc  Langley
Assistant  Editor:  Spencer  Shiffman


Colourist:  Eric  Whipp,  Alter  Ego


Post  Production:  Fort  York  VFX
Executive  Producer:  Amanda  Lariviere
Flame  Artist:  Ernest  Mordak



Music  and  Sound  Design:  Silent  Joe





Not Like Anybody Else: Editor Chris Parkins Gives Tassimo Some Variety.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 11.58.41 AM

Chris Parkin’s editorial style is not like anybody else’s. Perhaps that’s why the creative team at Ogily & Mather tapped Chris for editorial duties on their latest spot for Kraft Canada’s Tassimo. “Not Like” is a fun, energetic portrait that demonstrates that Tassimo has so many varieties, there’s a Tassimo flavour for each one of us. Matt Barnes from Descendants directed, with steamy beverage VFX provided by Fort York VFX’s Andrew Rolfe.

Client: Tassimo/Kraft Canada

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Creative Director: Ian MacKellar
Art Director: Catherine Allen
Copywriter: Ian Simpson
Producer: Shenny Jaffer

Production Company: Descendants
Director: Matt Barnes

Editing Facility: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Chris Parkins
Assistant Editor: Joey Whitelaw

Finishing: Fort York VFX
Lead Flame Artist: Andrew Rolfe

Audio House: Ta2
Producer/Music Supervisor: Christine Leslie

Colour Facility: Alter Ego
Colourist: Eric Whipp


Editor Christina Humphries Gets The Party Started For Appleton & BBDO

We Don't Care Image“We Don’t Care” is the name of the latest spot for Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum out of BBDO Toronto. The commercial was created by Joel Pylypiw & Chris Booth and was produced by Beatrice Bodogh. Christina Humphries’ edit brings a bracing energy to the laid back Jamaican vibe, with lush visuals from Steam Film’s director Nabil and Cinematographer Danny Hiele. Everyone’s invited to click and enjoy.

“We Don’t Care”
Client: Appleton Estate
Agency: BBDO Toronto
VP Associate Creative Director: Joel Pylypiw
VP Associate Creative Director: Chris Booth
VP Head of Broadcast: Beatrice Bodogh
SVP Executive Creative Directors: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno


Production Company: Steam Films
Director: Nabil
Director of Photography: Danny Hiele
Producer: Chris Scherk


Editing Facility: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Christina Humphries
Assistant Editor: Brett Rostrup


Finishing: Ricochet
Lead Flame Artist: Igor Boros


Colour Facility: Notch
Colourist: Bill Ferwerda


Audio House: Human Worldwide
Producer/Music Supervisor: Dwight Rivera



The WiserFund: Editor Izzy Ehrlich Says Cheers To Free Money!

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.11.51 AM“The Wiserfund” is the latest uncompromising idea from John St. for client J.P. Wiser’s Whiskey. Directed by Max Sherman out of OPC/Family Style and cheerfuly edited by Izzy Ehrlich, the Wiserfund helps uncompromising men get out of compromising situations by lending them financial assistance. We’re heading over to Wiserfund.ca right now …. see ya there.


Agency: John St.
Executive Creative Directors: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
Art Director: Denver Eastman
Copywriter: Jacob Greer
Agency Producers: Cas Binnington & Dale Giffen


Production Company: OPC/Family Style
Director: Max Sherman
Executive Producers: Harland Weiss, Donovan Boden, Liz Dussault
Producer: Michelle Woodward


Editing Facility: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Izzy Ehrlich
Assistant Editor: Rebecca LaFortune


Online Facility: Fort York VFX
Graphic Artist: Daniel Smith
Online Artists: Ernest Mordak, James Marin


VFX Facility: The Vanity
VFX Artists: Sean Cochrane/Naveen Srivastava


Colour: Alter Ego
Colourist: Tricia Hagoriles


Music: Grayson Matthews



Editor Paul Proulx Helps Make Connections For Ford

Ford Family DinnerFord is taking the high road with their latest spot, “Family Dinner” out of The Blue Hive. Editor Paul Proulx uses visual storytelling to take viewers on a drive that underscores the importance of things that connect … like family. The spot was directed by Untitled Film’s Hubert Davis and shot by Chris Mably. “Family Dinner” is the first spot in a 5-spot campaign that was filmed over 6 days in and around the greater Toronto area.



Client: Ford Canada
Agency: The Blue Hive
Creative Director: Jonathan Smith
Associate Creative Director: Allen Kwong
Art Director: Andy Ng
Copywriter: Deric Moore
Agency Producer: Vanessa Birze
Agency Producer (Jr.): Chelsea Elliott


Production Company: Untitled Films
Director: Hubert Davis
Director of Photography: Chris Mably
Line Producer: André Fitsialos
Executive Producer: Lexy Kavluk


Editing Facility: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Paul Proulx
Assistant Editor: Colin Murdoch


Online Facility: Fort York VFX
Online Artist: Mike Bishop
Assistant Online Artist: Luke White


Colour: Alter Ego
Colourist: Wade Odlum
Assistant Colourist: Patrick Samaniego


Audio House: Eggplant Music



Epic Is On: A World-Class Production For Rooster Post & The Toronto Pan Am Games

Pan Am XCountry EventersWorld-class certainly describes “Invade”, the latest spot for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am / Para Pan Am games out of agency FCB Toronto. Untitled Film’s Director Phil Brown carried the baton, with an epic production shot over 7 days in and around Toronto. Editor Marc Langley and Lead Flame Artist Ernest Mordak of Fort York VFX knocked the post production outta the park with a games-worthy Edit/VFX one-two combo. Additional online help was supplied by Paul Binney, James Marin and Lauren Rempel.



Client: Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation
President & CEO: Ronald Holgerson
VP, Marketing: Lisa LaVecchia
Special Projects Manager: Debra Mansillo


Agency: FCB Toronto
VP, Management Director: Sunil Sekhar
VP, Business Director: Sarah Banks
VP, Creative Group Head: Jeff Hilts
Senior Art Director: Rob Dean
Chief Creative Officer: Jon Flannery
Account Manager: Lindsay Kerr
Broadcast Producer: Barb Gibson


Production Company: Untitled Films
Director: Phil Brown
Executive Producer: Peter Davis
Line Producer: Trudy Turner
Director of Photography: John Houtman


Editing Facility: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Marc Langley
Assistant Editors: Nick Greaves, Spencer Shiffman, Joey Whitelaw


Post Production, Finishing & VFX: Fort York VFX
Lead Online Artist: Ernest Mordak
Additional Online Artists: Paul Binney, James Marin, Lauren Rempel
Online Assistant: Kevin Asis


Colour: Alter Ego
Colourist: Eric Whipp


Audio: Grayson Matthews
Creative Director: Tom Westin – Creative Director
Engineer: Bill Hermans
Music Supervision: Supersonic, David Hayman



Casting: Shasta Lutz, Jigsaw Casting






Target’s “Happy Days” has it made in the shade with editor Dave De Carlo.

Target Happy DaysIt’s “Happy Days” for Target Canada and agency kbs+ as Rooster Post Production editor Dave De Carlo creates an editorially seamless week of happy days for a Target household, and a happy collaboration with Steam Films director Mark Palansky and the talented folks from Crush. We love the modern retro vibe created by The Eggplant with their Happy Days television show remix. Next time Fonzi has to “sit on it”, he’ll be sittin’ with style.

“Happy Days
Length: 30
Client: Target
Agency: KBS+
Exec Creative Director: Matt Hassell
CD / Art Director: Marketa Krivy
Copywriter: Phil Coulter

Agency Producer: Brenda Surminski

Production Company: Steam Films
Director: Mark Palansky

Editing Facility: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Dave De Carlo
Assistant Editor: Drew Stevenson

VFX + Finishing: Crush
Lead Flame Artist: Dan Kelly
Flame Artist: Kaelem Cahill

Audio House: Eggplant 
Producer/Music Supervisor: Adam Damelin

Colour: The Faculty
Colourist: Dan Kelly