Marc Langley’s in the Driver’s Seat for VW Tiguan

DadGone are the days when Daddy would greet his daughter’s date at the front door with a carload of intimidation. Today’s Dad is a lot more sophisticated. In this Volkswagen spot called “Prom Night” from DDB Canada, Daddy’s in control of his daughter’s prom date from the comfort of his Tiguan and the poor kid doesn’t stand a chance. Marc Langley was in the driver’s seat for editorial duties, and the spot was directed by Untitled Film’s Jean-Michel Ravon.



Title:  Prom  Night
Client:  VW
Agency:  DDB,  Canada
Chief  Creative  Officer:  Cosmo  Campbell
Creative  Director:  Rob  Sturch
Creative  Director:  Etienne  Bastien
Senior  Producer:  Ryan  Bourret
Account  Director:  Samantha  Murphy
Art  Director:  John  Larigakis
Copywriter/Associate  Creative  Director:  Neil  Shapiro
Senior  Account  Executive:  Lindy  Scott


Production  Company:  Untitled  Films
Director:  Jean-­Michel  Ravon
Executive  Producer:  Lexy  Kavluk
Executive  Producer:  Tom  Evelyn
DOP:  John  Houtman


Post  Production:  Rooster  Post
Editor:  Marc  Langley
Assistant  Editor:  Spencer  Shiffman
Executive  Producer:  Melissa  Kahn


Post  Production:  Fort  York  VFX
Executive  Producer:  Amanda  Lariviere
Flame  Artist:  Paul  Binney



Colourist:  Bill  Ferwerda,  Smith


Music  and  Sound  Design:  Grayson  Matthews




2 thoughts on “Marc Langley’s in the Driver’s Seat for VW Tiguan

  1. Patricia Sabo

    I’m just a regular “Jane Citizen,” not in your biz. Caught the “Prom Night” Tiguan ad tonight (April 27) and not many grab me out of my stupor. This one did! It’s hilarious AND it was successful in making me remember the product. It’s funny, sweet and a great little story. Kudos!

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