Lots of reasons Editor Marc Langley was tapped for Red Urban & Subaru

SubaruWhen it comes to telling a story with pictures and very few words, Editor Marc Langley knows the reason why it’s important to underscore the voice over with smart selects and impeccable pacing to help get the client’s message across. And thanks to Untitled Film’s director John Mastromonaco, the pictures are not only gorgeous, they come together beautifully in Marc Langley’s edit in a way that speaks volumes about the many reasons why Langley, Subaru and Red Urban are a match made in automotive heaven.



Title:  Reasons
Client:  Subaru
Agency:  Red  Urban,  Toronto
Creative  Director:  Christina  Yu
Art  Director:  Rose  Sauquillo
Director  of  Client  Services:  Caroline  Kilgour
Group  Account  Director:  Trevor  Byrne
Broadcast  Producer:  Anna  Tricinci


Production  Company:  Untitled  Films
Director:  John  Mastromonaco
Executive  Producer:  Lexy  Kavluk
Producer:  Tom  Evelyn
PM  /  Producer:  Greg  Lund
DOP:  Barry  Parrell


Post  Production:  Rooster  Post
Editor:  Marc  Langley
Assistant  Editor:  Spencer  Shiffman
Executive  Producer:  Melissa  Kahn


Colourist:  Bill  Ferwerda,  Smith


Post  Production:  Fort  York  VFX
Executive  Producer:  Amanda  Lariviere
Flame  Artist:  Paul  Binney


Music  and  Sound  Design:  RMW  Music
Producer:  Ted  Rosnick
Composer:  Mark  Rajakovic
Executive  Producer:  Jeff  Cohen

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