Editor Izzy Ehrlich Gets The Ultimate 12th Fan Experience Thanks to Bud Light

The ultimate 12th fan experience? The Bud Light Living Line and #budlightliving take 3 of the biggest Seahawks fans from Vancouver to cheer with 68,000 fans in Seattle, thanks to Anomaly and Bud Light. Capturing the story was Descendants director James Arthurs with an editorial touchdown by Izzy Ehrlich.

“12th” Fan
Client: Bud Light
Agency: Anomaly
Copywriter: Matthew Donne
Art Director: Rich Brown
Creative Director: Dave Douglas, Pete Breton
Account Services: Leah Given, Mike Stollar, Sandra Dalla Guistina, Abigail Berkley
Producer: Leanne McLellan


Production Company: Descendants
Director: James Arthurs
Executive Producer: Tasha Litt
Line Producer: Ahnee Boyce


Editing Facility: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Izzy Ehrlich
Assistant Editor: Rebecca LaFortune


VFX: Fort York
Artist: Fort York Team
Finishing: Fort York
Lead Flame Artist: Fort York Team


Colour Facility: Alter Ego
Colourist: Tricia Hagoriles


Audio House: Apollo
Producer/Music Supervisor: Daenen Bramberger / Yan Dal Santo


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