Izzy Ehrlich helps Bud Light make long weekends even cooler.

Rooster Post Production editor Izzy Ehrlich was on tap to turn up the heat and get the party going for Bud Light Living and agency Anomaly. Directed by OPC’s Jon & Torey, “Long Weekend” is anything but chill with a high energy storyline that takes the slim Bud Light Quickie cans through a long  weekend  … from sandy beach fun to rockin’ the cottage dock.



Client: Bud Light Canada
Campaign: Bud Light Living
Spot Title/Length:  “Long Weekend” / :30 EN
Agency: Anomaly
Creative Director: Dave Douglass
Art Director: Stefan D’Aversa
Copywriter: Noah Feferman

Agency Producer: Jen Mete / Sharon Langlotz

Production Company: OPC
Director: Jon Weiman + Torey Kohara

Editing Facility: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Izzy Ehrlich
Assistant Editor: Marianna Margaret

Finishing: Fort York
Online Artist: Mike Bishop
Online Assistant: Lauren Rempel

Audio House: Apollo Studios
Producer/Music Supervisor: Tom Hutch

Colour: Fort York
Colourist: Mike Bishop


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