Editor Marc Langley Cuts ‘Ron Jeremy’

This revealing little film, directed by Brian Lee Hughes (OPC & Skunk), features adult film star, director and producer, Ron Jeremy, whose films have (sadly) been rejected by the Toronto Jewish Film Festival. The spot was crafted by Rooster Post Production editor, Marc Langley.

According to the Toronto Jewish Film Festival website, “only the best of Jewish film” makes the cut. Sorry Ron.

Client & Product: Toronto Jewish Film Festival (TJFF)
Title: Ron Jeremy
Director: Brian Lee Hughes
Production Company: OPC/Skunk
Director of Photography: Jason McCormick
Executive Producer: Donovan Boden/Harland Weiss (OPC), Matt Factor (Skunk)
Line Producer: Jen Rose
Post-Production Company: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Marc Langley
Assistant Editor: Nick Greaves
Editing Executive Producer: Melissa Kahn
VFX/Animation Co: Fort York VFX
Online Editor: Paul Binney
Colour: Alter Ego
Colourist: Eric Whipp
Audio Company: Pirate
Recording Studio: Pirate
Audio House Director: Steve Gardner
Audio House Engineer: Jared Kuemper
Audio Executive Producer: Kate Fried
Music Supervisor: Chris Tait

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