Editor Mick Griffin honoured with Fritz Spiess Award

Congratulations Rooster Post Production senior editor/partner Mick Griffin
on being honoured with the Spiess Award for Lifetime Achievement in Television Advertising at last week’s 2012 Bessies Awards. The Spiess Award is given to a person who has furthered the excellence of TV advertising in Canada throughout their career. The award is presented to a cameraperson, director, producer, editor, compositor, art director, copywriter, creative director, advertiser or anyone in the TV advertising community whose contributions have been continuing and of the highest order.

Here’s a look at the announcement film that preceded the presentation – it was written and directed by Rooster Post Production colleague and 1998 Spiess Award recipient, Richard Unruh . According to Mick, “It’s a wonderfully concise and illuminating little film, it makes what I do seem magical and important.”

Spiess Award Video

See Mick’s full reel here

Read more about Mick on The Rooster’s Blog: https://roosterpost.wordpress.com/2011/04/25/300-seconds-with-editor-mick-griffin/

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