New Commercial Work: How We Helped Make Omaha Proud

We weren’t just cutting a TV commercial for a handful of bank clients. We were cutting a spot for an entire city. Ad agency Bozell, based out of Omaha, Nebraska had envisioned a campaign that didn’t simply sell a chequing or savings account. Their client, a bank, had a rich 150-year history with the city of Omaha. Rather than sell bank services or rates, they decided to celebrate their customers, employees and city in a participatory way. Beautifully shot in Omaha by Mighty Films (Venice, CA)/Untitled Films (Toronto) director Phil Brown, each stunning image in the campaign brings to life the special relationship shared by both the city and the bank. Masterfully cut by Rooster’s Richard Unruh, each haunting frame was expertly colour-corrected at Track & Field VFX by Gary Chuntz with a gorgeous music score by RMW’s Steve MacKinnon.

Click Here to view Richard’s full reel

Agency: Bozell, Omaha
Client: First National Bank
Creative Director: Cliff Watson
Art Director: Aaron Christensen
Copywriter: Bryan Mohr
Production Manager: Nan Pike
Account Director: Nicole Frazier
Production Company: Mighty Films, Venice CA
Director: Phil Brown
President/Partner: Blair Stribley
VP/Executive Producer: Kris Mathur
DOP: John Houtman
Head of Production: Cori Cooperider
Producer: Jason Wolk
Production Supervisor: Carmen Bosley
1st Assistant Director: Kirk Rogers
Post Production: Rooster
Editor: Richard Unruh
Colourist: Gary Chuntz @ Track & Field VFX
Online: Track & Field VFX
Online Artist: Mike Bishop
Music: Steve MacKinnon, RMW

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