From Undergarments to Eye Drops: Congrats to our Marketing Awards Winners!

Congratulations to Rooster Post Production editors Christina Humphries, Chris Parkins and Paul Jutras for their editorial work on this year’s Marketing Awards winners.

Winning Gold in the “Other Broadcast” category was Red Urban’s “Super Sexy CPR” edited by Christina Humphries with a Bronze in the same category going to Super Sexy CPR “Abdominal Thrust” cut by Chris Parkins.

Richmond Optometry, edited by Chris Parkins did well, bringing home a Bronze in the “Cinema Campaign” category plus a Bronze in the “Cinema Single” category for “Eye Drops”.

Editor Paul Jutras worked on the Gold “Excellence in Brand Creativity” winner “Torch” for Bombardier & Taxi, plus the Bronze “Television Single” for Bombardier’s “Keep the Flame Burning”.

Super Sexy CPR also won Craft Awards for Art Direction, Cinematography, Directing for Curtis Wherfritz and Music. Way to go guys!

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