A Tribute to Bob Kennedy: The Top 10 Things You Don’t Know About Bob

Most people in the Canadian advertising industry have known, or have worked with, editor Bob Kennedy. For many, he has been a fixture in the business, and is a recipient of the prestigious Bob Mann Award for post production excellence. Bob’s career has spanned over 35 years, featuring some of the most recognized, and awarded commercials done in Canada to date. To many, he is also one of the industry’s nicest characters, with a thoughtful intelligence and knowledge of technical craft that is second to none. But you don’t know jack unless you know the Bob behind the Mann.

Why you might be surprised by the things you don’t know about Bob.

On this, the eve of Bob’s retirement from the commercial post production business, we’d like to offer a tribute to Bob. Not for his accomplishments, which are known industry-wide, but for the things you might not know.

The Top 10 Little Known Facts About Bob Kennedy

10. Bob is a polymath. He also likes to use big words. If you don’t know what a polymath is … ask Bob.

9. Bob is an avid organic gardener and card-carrying environmentalist.

8. Bob can tell you the botanical terms and latin horticulturial names for every plant found growing in our zone. Knowing Bob, he can probably spell them all too.

7. Bob’s family is the original founding family of Georgetown, Ontario. How come they didn’t call it Bobtown?

6. Bob and editor Richard Unruh were classmates at York University.

5. Bob is the “muffin” in Martha And The Muffins. Bob has enjoyed a long-standing collaboration with Mark Gane of the Toronto band Martha And The Muffins. He’s been the editor of many of the band’s video projects, as well as a creative and artistic collaborator with Mark for public space installations and other artwork.

4. Bob’s favourite colour is plaid.

3. No one will miss Bob more than long-time collaborator and friend, director/cameraman Steve Gordon.

2. Bob did iconic Canadian director Bruce Dowad’s first commercial and they had a fruitful collaboration that gave us Molson Canadian’s “Dancing in the Street “ and Canada Tourism “The World Next Door” to name a few.

1. Bob is leaving Rooster Post and changing careers to join a startup company, called Solarship Inc., as the Administrative Manager and Head of Media. Solarship Inc. makes solar powered hybrid airships. Yes – really! You can learn more about this exciting new venture at solarship.com

Thanks for the years of incredible work, laughter and friendship from your friends and colleagues at Rooster Post Production and Track & Field VFX. You have a unique ability to turn everything you touch into a great success. We’ll be looking to the skies for your next great one.

A Look Back at Some of Bob’s Commercial Work

Budweiser – directed by Gillian Proctor

Rubbermaid – directed by Marco Brambilla

YWCA – directed by Steve Gordon

Molson Canadian – directed by Bruce Dowad

Money Mart – directed by David Shane

Canada Tourism – directed by Bruce Dowad

The Weather Network – directed by Steve Gordon

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