How Creativity Happens

Last night Rooster Post threw the Halloween shindig to end all Halloween shindigs.
We expected to see lots of our friends, and new faces too. We expected great entertainment, great conversation, great food and drinks. We expected a great time. We got everything we expected, but we also got something we didn’t: an overwhelming celebration of creativity and original ideas. Creativity just happened.

We all know the pressure of choosing the right Halloween costume. And for some, the whole costume thing is a turn off. That’s personal, and that’s fine. But Halloween is one of the few places in our calendar where creativity is shown off, and celebrated to the max … by creative people, and people who may not feel the pressure of having to come up with big ideas every day. That’s what makes Halloween cool. We were amazed at the originality, surprise and creativeness of our friends, clients and co-workers. Lots of creative teams dazzled us with their inventiveness. But the great ideas weren’t just relegated to the creative teams. Like watching an award-winning spot, we were impressed, amazed and wished we’d thought of some of the great ideas that came through our doors last night. Like a breakthrough concept, there were costumes that stood out. But the creativity wasn’t limited to cloth, chains and makeup. It was evident in the decorations, the conversations that will be repeated, the photos that will be shared, and captions that will be written. The night was a celebration of creativity, whether you wore a costume or not. Everyone contributed something to the party – turning it into a cauldron of creativity and fun.

Our staff did a tremendous job decorating our space. Some of the most original and artistic ideas came out of left field … and left us gasping in awe at the delightful and grotesque, the witty, the clever, and the creativity of their decorations and installations. Blood splattered plastic covered valuable equipment and furniture, creating a set right out of “Dexter”. Evil twins, brought to mind Tim Burton’s bizarre world of Alice channelled through Kubrick. Rows of jars filled with doll heads and dungeons were created out of shipping elevators. A special thanks to everyone at Rooster for their ideas and their hard work in bringing the surreal and horrible to scary life. And a special salute to everyone who contributed creatively in his or her own way, to our special night. That’s how creativity works. Sometimes you just have to cut loose, and let it happen.

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