Chuck And Vince “Want It”

If you’re anything like us, chances are you have a corner of your garage that’s been overtaken by broken down or obsolete electronics.  The City of Toronto wants to let you know that they’re happy to take it away.

The viral spots, posted online and on YouTube, are self-professed spoofs on “bring us your gold and jewellery” ads on TV, according to the city’s e-waste website. The spots star Chuck and Vince two hilarious, overweight garbagemen who rap-sing with Eminem-like seriousness. “We want it!” goes the chorus as Chuck and Vince root through an assortment of mahogany-encased TV’s, broken down PC’s old phones and other detrus from the modern age.

Chuck and Vince were the brainchild of Creative Director Pat Pirisi and Senior Art Director Ken Fothergill from Toronto agency Publicis and cut by Rooster Post editor Dave De Carlo.

De Carlo jokes that he had the “easiest part” of the job – cutting together the viral spot that is gaining momentum on YouTube, plus a cluster of added content spots that will be posted online for fans of Chuck & Vince. “Pat and Ken and I didn’t have editing sessions – we called them “jam sessions” because we were in stitches most of the time. Agency Producer Siobhan Quinn did an amazing job keeping track of all the deliverables because we kept putting together more and more content for the online audience.”

The spots were directed by Spy Film’s Trevor Cornish. “Trevor really hit it out of the park,” says De Carlo, “There was so much great material to choose from. The actors played off each other, always trying to one-up the other for a laugh. Even after Trevor yelled “cut” they would keep going and Trevor kept the camera rolling, getting lots of those “magic moments” that I look for when doing my selects.” Because the spots were shot digitally, Cornish didn’t have the budgetary restrictions that come with using film stock.

But the editing process wasn’t without it’s challenges, and according to De Carlo, he had to go against his instincts as an editor. “The challenge as an editor is you want to make the cut coherent and tight and for this project you had to do the opposite – you had to make the edits awkward so it had a “Joe and Bob’s Video Store” vibe to it. Even the supers had to go against what we would normally do by using arrows and starbursts with awkward placement and positioning.”

Cornish was in New York City working on another project during post, but De Carlo kept him in the loop, posting edits on AdBeast so that he could stay involved with the project. “Trevor was our online audience – he was only seeing what we were posting and it was good – because he wasn’t in the room he could be more objective. We uploaded Quicktimes for him to AdBeast and he was able to stay fully involved by phone and email.”

Chuck & Vince are getting a lot of attention in the media, and the viral has been popping up all over the web including Viral Video Rewind with CNN’s Josh Levs.

Says De Carlo, “All in all it was a great collaborative experience with lots of free-form in the editing process which helped make the spots better. And we all shared a lot of laughs. It was one of those really great, fun experiences.”


  • Advertising Agency: Publicis Toronto, Toronto, Canada
  • Executive Creative Director: Duncan Bruce
  • Creative Director / Writer: Pat Pirisi
  • Art Director: Kenneth Fothergill

  • Agency Producer: Siobhan Quinn

  • Production Company: Spy Films
  • Spy Films 
Director: Trevor Cornish
  • Director of Photography: Simon Shohet
  • Spy Fims Head of Production: Peter Oad
  • Post Production: Rooster
  • Editor: Dave De Carlo

  • Music: Pirate Toronto

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